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Alcohol and Drug Use Tests


Mehrabian, A.




The Mehrabian Alcohol Use and Drug Use scales are designed to provide brief, though reliable and valid, assessments of extent of alcohol use and drug use, respectively. Norms provided for the two scales can be used to decide whether an individual 's extent of alcohol use (or drug use) is indicative of substance abuse or substance dependence. The Alcohol Use Scale contains 11 items and the Drug Use Scale contains 7 items. Scale items are written in three different questionnaire formats and items of the two scales are intermixed when presented to subjects. The manual provides formulas for computing a total score for each scale. The Alcohol Use and Drug Use scales are intended primarily for experimental use. In the event they are employed in clinical settings, it is strongly advisable that findings based on the present instruments be checked against additional data from alternative tests and interview materials.

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  • 1 Copy of cover page
  • 1 copy of manual and tests
  • 1 copy of article


1) Mehrabian, A. (2001). General relations among drug use, alcohol use, and major indexes of psyhopathology. Journal of psychology, 135, 71-86
2) Mehrabian, A. (1994). Manual for the Alcohol and Drug Use Scales. Monterey, CA: Mehrabian.

3) Extra forms in BSB 158A


Mehrabian, A.

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Level A or 3

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