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Adaptive Behavior Assessment System - Second Edition (ABAS-II) - SUPERSEDED


Sattler, Jerome M., & Hoge, Robert D




The most recent version of this test is Adaptive Behavior Assessment System, Third Edition (ABAS-3)

The Adaptive Behavior Assessment System- Second Edition (ABAS-II) provides a comprehensive, norm-referenced assessment of adaptive skills for individuals ages birth to 89 years. The ABAS-II may be used to assess an individual's adaptive skills for diagnosis and classification of disabilities and disorders, identification of strengths and limitations, and to document and monitor an individual's progress over time. The comprehensive range of specific adaptive skills and broad adaptive domains measured by the ABAS-II correspond to the specifications identified by the American Association on Mental Retardation (AAMR) and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders- Fourth Edition- Text Revision. The ABAS-II provides for assessment by multiple respondents, evaluates functioning across multiple settings, and contributes to a complete assessment of the daily, functional skills of an individual. The instrument's multidimensional quality is derived from five rating forms that are designed to evaluate individuals across various age ranges and environmental settings.

Age Range: 

Both Children and Adults




2 Complete kits:




1) The most recent version of this test is Adaptive Behavior Assessment System, Third Edition (ABAS-3)

2) Scoring Software installed on PRC laptop 1 & 2, see PRC staff for further assistance - ABAS-II Scoring Assistant

3) Sattler, J.M., & Hoge, R.D. (2006). Assessment of children: behavioral, social and clinical foundations. (5th ed.). San Diego: Jerome M. Sattler, Publisher, Inc. (BF 722.3 S38 2006)

4) Pearson Resources (Supplemental Materials) - Sample interpretive reports, sample technical reports, case studies, and author biographies for download in PDF (see URL below)


Qualification Level: 

Level B or 2

Test Category: 

Behaviour Assessment