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Achievement Motivation Profile (AMP)


Friedland, J. G., Mandel, H. P., & Marcus, S. I.




A self-report inventory designed to evaluate underachieving and unmotivated students. The Achievement Motivation Profile (AMP) gives a complete picture of the personal factors that affect an individual's academic performance and provides specific recommendations for improvement. It is composed of 140 brief, self-descriptive statements which produce scale scores in four areas: motivation for achievement, interpersonal strengths, inner resources, and work habits. The AMP is appropriate for high school and college students and can be completed in 20 to 30 minutes.

Age Range: 

Both Children and Adults




1 Complete kit:

  • 1 Manual @ $170.00
  • 25+ AutoScore Forms @ $3.00/each
  • 1 AMP PC 2-Use Intro Disk
  • 1 AMP PC 25-Use Disk Software @ $10.00/each
  • 100 AMP Microcomputer Answer Sheet (for software) @ $1.00/each


Qualification Level: 

Level B or 2

Test Category: 

Personality - Non-projective