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Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA) - Adult Self-Report (ASR) & Adult Behavior Checklist (ABCL)


Achenbach, T. M., et al




The Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA) Adult Self-Report and Adult Behavior Checklist forms (ASR and ABCL) span the ages of 18-59 years. Both forms are valuable for assessing adults in a variety of settings, such as mental health, forensic, counseling, medical, and substance abuse. Profiles display scale scores in relation to norms for each gender at ages 18-35 years and 36-59 years. Includes a Critical Items scale, and both forms have parallel scales for Substance Use, Critical Items, Internalizing, Externalizing, and Total Problems. Norms are based on a new national sample. * The ASR is a self-administered instrument that examines diverse aspects of adaptive functioning and problems. * The ABCL is a parallel form used to obtain information about the individual being assessed from others who know the individual well, such as a spouse, partner, family member, or friend. The ABCL scales are based on 1636 referred adults and are normed on 1435 non-referred adults. Eight cross-informant syndrome scales were derived from factor analysis of the ASR and ABCL (anxious/depressed, withdrawn, somatic complaints, thought problems, attention problems, aggressive behaviour, rule-breaking behaviour, and intrusive). Six scales were constructed to have characteristics consistent with DSM-4 categories (Depressive Problems, Anxiety Problems, Somatic Problems, Avoidant Personality Problems, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Problems, and Antisocial Personality Problems).

Age Range: 



Individual and Group


1 Complete kit:

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Extra forms - BSB 158A


Archer, R.P., & Wheeler, E.M.A. (Eds.). (2013). Forensic uses of clinical assessment instruments (2nd ed.). New York: Routledge. (RA 1148 F559 2013; p. 311)


Qualification Level: 

Level B or 2

Test Category: 

Behaviour Assessment