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Academic Intervention Monitoring System (AIMS)


Elliott, S. N., DiPerna, J. C., & Shapiro, E.




The Academic Intervention Monitoring System (AIMS) is a guidebook designed to provide teachers and other school-based professionals with the resources they need for developing, monitoring, and evaluating classroom-based, empirically supported interventions for academic difficulties. To this end, the AIMS guidebook is solution focused and addresses four objectives. First, the AIMS provides a review of factors for teachers and intervention teams to consider when assessing a student's academic competence and identifying potential strategies for addressing academic difficulties. Second, AIMS provides a framework for linking assessment results to intervention design and implementation. Third, AIMS includes a review of intervention strategies that promote the development of a student's academic skills (the basic and complex skills that are a central part of academic curricula) and academic enablers (i.e., behaviors and attitudes that facilitate the learning of academic skills. Finally, this guidebook provides a review of practical methods for monitoring and evaluating intervention effectiveness.

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1 Complete kit:

  • AIMS Manual @$200
  • 25 Teacher Forms @ $2.75/each
  • 25 Student Forms @ $1.50/each
  • 25 Parent Forms (also available in Spanish) @ $1.50/each


1) Assessment Courses

2) Extra forms in BSB 158A


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