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Abbreviated Torrance Test for Adults (ATTA)


Goff, K., & Torrance, P. E.




The Abbreviated Torrance Test for Adults (ATTA) is a projective assessment of creative thinking abilities. It has a substantial pedigree of theory and application and is intended-as the title implies-to be a shortened adult version of the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking. The target population for the test is adults, and the ultimate purpose of this test of figural and verbal creative thinking aptitudes is to provide an indicator of real-life creative achievement.

The test yields results for four norm-referenced abilities: Fluency, Originality, Elaboration and Flexibility. It also provides criterion-referenced creativity indicators for (a) verbal responses (Richness and Colorfulness of Imagery; Emotions/Feelings; Future Orientation; Humor-Conceptual Incongruity; Provocative Questions), and (b) figural responses (Openness-Resistance to Premature Closure; Unusual Visualization-Different Perspective; Movement and/or Sound; Richness and/or Colourfulness of Imagery; Abstractness of Titles; Context: Environment for Object, Articulateness in Story telling; Internal Visual Perspective; Expressions of Feelings and Emotions; Combination/Synthesis of Two or More Figures; and Fantasy).

The ATTA Manual provides the test administrator with instructions for administration and scoring (which the MMYB says may require training).

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Level A or 3

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Intelligence and Scholastic Aptitude